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What are your strengths?

My biggest strength is my experience. I worked for big Publishers like EA, but also for small developers like Spark Unlimited. This mix exposed me to a great range of challenges including production systems and management problems. I started at the bottom of the ladder and after many years emerged as an art director. This bottom-up experience gives me a unique perspective on how things should be done, see problems before they flare up, and manage people and projects with care and expertise. I'm hands on guy who works closely with the team, supports, and inspire.

I'm very approachable (something that was expressed to me many times). I love to work with artists one on one, to resolve problems and guide.

What were your duties as an Art Director?

What are your duties as an educator?

Samples of my students work

Can you legally work in the US or Europe?

Yes, I'm US citizen. I also have EU passport.

Are you willing to relocate?

Yes, I will go where great opportunities exist.