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Jerry Kowalczyk

Cell: 48 733 806 685


Mail: jerrykowalczyk@gmail.com

Over 10 years of game development experience: supervising art teams, establishing visual development and art direction, crafting efficient pipelines, creating concept art.

Worked on multiple AAA titles: Medal of Honor and Call of Duty.

Broad game production experience across major platforms: Nintendo, PC, PS2, PS3, Xbox, and  Xbox360.

Experienced in creating and testing pipelines, managing art teams, assuring quality, communicating and collaborating with design, animation and programming teams.

Believes in pushing existing technologies: mastering current platforms, pushing art and design to reach new levels of creative and technical excellence, understanding hardware and software limitations but also their ultimate potential.

Experienced establishing effective production systems (including Scrum) that maximize output and limit bottlenecks, incorporate feedback, reinforce interdepartmental cooperation, and deliver an excellent product on time.

Focused on building creative and supporting work environment in which artists learn, grow, and succeed professionally.